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Women Fall/Winter 2013 Overview
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Monaco                Ilia S., February 2014

Ghesquiere vs JacobsGhesquiere vs Jacobs

While the departure of Marc Jacobs was something known for some time already, it was properly ''celebrated'' in his last, as-dark-as-it-gets collection (both showcasing his potential and waving goodbye in a morbid yet…


Paris                  Rob C., December 2013

Beyoncé : BeyoncéBeyoncé : Beyoncé

It is on a jolly Friday 13th that Queen B releases her blitz album Beyoncé, to fall upon her Bey Hive as a bolt from the blue. And speaking about “blue,” there is a cameo by her own daughter Blue Ivy in one of her 17…


Milan               Marc G., November 2013

Berserk for Berlin

Berlin: the new breeding ground for Europe’s youth. For most of people Berlin is best known for its big historic background: for its many museums, famous architectural buildings (like the Brandenbburger Tor…


Monaco                  Ilia S., October 2013

A Modern Couturier

A coffee-table book is being published this month on the designer, who started his signature label only in 2005 and became a couturier two years ago. What makes the idea appealing is the personality…


Monaco                Lady S., October 2013

Walking Stories

It’s true and, as every devoted fashionista may be, I can’t wait but watch “Walking Stories», the series of short films Salvatore Ferragamo will unveil tomorrow on its website. Directed by Luca Guadagnino, the Ferragamo…


Milan             Bianca de R., August 2013

Perfect Humans

His Muses are present and past icons, ageless subjects who represent and have represented feminine beauty for generations. They are women who immortalized the greatest artists; from Botticelli to Jean-Auguste


San Jose                  Marco B., July 2013

Where have all the cowboys gone?

John Galliano is indisputably one of the last remaining big fashion talents of this era. After his very public brush with the French law, where he was not only fired from his post as Creative Director…



Milan                           Rob C., July 2013

Enfant Terrible: J.W Anderson

Enfant Terrible: French terminology that translates to “terrible child.” An enfant terrible is one who defies, unorthodoxly; one who turns water into vodka and pours it inside the punch at…



San Jose                 Marco B., June 2013

No Love For Hitler

John Galliano is indisputably one of the last remaining big fashion talents of this era. After his very public brush with the French law, where he was not only fired from his post as Creative Director of the House of…


Milan                                   Bianca R., May 2013

The Brooks Brothers and All That Jazz

The eager anticipation for the release of the new The Great Gatsby film, directed by the creative genius of Baz Lurhmann, has made the movie become “cult” even before the disclosure of it…


Milan                                  Chiara J., April 2013

Piercednched Spouse

First G(od)ivenchy created man’s… nose ring, and then Margiela created woman’s. This is how it was for spring/summer 2013. But a long, long time ago, much before that, there was a bible version of the nose…


Milan                                          Rob C., April 2013

Extraordinary Gentlemen

I have changed my name, I have transformed my face, I have altered my birthdate…. could I modify my skin? Unless you are Bart Hess or a plastic surgeon, your efforts to do so might turn out inartistic or unpleasant…


San Jose               Marco B., March 2013

Yves is dead, long live Saint Laurent

Recently, I took a quick trip to LA during that time of year, where the city's fashion come to a boiling point, presented to us as the “Red carpet season”. Even though I personally despise most of the whole…


Milan               Chiara J., February 2013

The Whole Holes Thing

When I saw Rick Owens’ first look from his fall winter 2013 show, I thought that the messy backstage was to blame on the “spider webs” on the models’ faces; a cobweb on your face can’t be a pleasant feeling. But with upcoming…